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The Adult Learning Prospectus is the local on-line prospectus which provides a one-stop source of information about the range of courses, qualifications and opportunities available locally for anyone over the age of 19 who wants to up skill or study education or training to start a new career.

The Find a Provider section lists the range of colleges and training providers who offer education and training opportunities across theHull and the East Riding of Yorkshire area.

By clicking on the provider name, users can find out more about that provider and the courses/training that they offer.

The Find a Course section will help users to find out which providers offer post 19 education and training across the Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

To search for a course simply put in a keyword, for example business, maths, construction, click on the 'more filters' box and select accordingly, then click search and a list of relevant courses will appear.

If users click on the course name, the full details of the course are listed in this page and include everything you should need to know, from what you will be learning to how to get there. You may also see images and case studies on these pages. You can view these by clicking on them to make them bigger.

If users would like to find out more information about a course or would like to apply they will need to click on the Contact Enquiry Form on the providers page and provide details about their enquiry. Users will then be contacted directly by the provider.

To find out about the financial support available users can access the Finance and Support section.

The Advice and Guidance section will provide details of the differing qualification and levels available, along with details of where careers advice and guidance can be accessed.