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City / Construction Works Hull Ltd

27-29 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU1 2PG

Contact: Michelle Wheldale

Email: recruitment@cityworks.org.uk

Telephone: 01482 308728

Website: www.cityworks.org.uk


About us

The company is dedicated to providing flexibly delivered quality learning, education and training opportunities to those seeking employment, to skill, up-skill and multi-skill within all trade areas.

Across Cityworks we work directly with job seekers, young people and businesses to match the needs of both employee and employer.

We believe in Hull and the surrounding area, and our people within our communities. We provide that essential link between employers and their employees.

  • What Makes Us Different

    Our customers, whether they be job seekers, employers or those seeking training, are drawn to Cityworks because of the certainty that we can give them. We strive to provide the right answer and do things the right way.

    The combination of our values is what makes us different. We can apply them to any problem and come up with a solution that’s unique to us.

    Our values are not just a list of the things that we believe in. They’re the reason people believe in us. They are even the reason people like us and use us:






  • Learner Support

    Our promise to you is:

    • We will take our time in understanding you and your needs;
    • We will take ownership;
    • Being proactive and thinking laterally to get to where you need to be;
    • Seeing things through to the end and delivering a positive result;
    • Giving you, our customer, confidence;
    • Delivering excellence through partnership and service;
    • Working better and working together;
    • Being better than our competitors in every aspect.

    Through this, we ensure that:

    We provide you with Great Service 

    The big difference in every case that we do, is that we do it on an individual level, whilst continuing to make a difference on a community level. Our service makes our customers feel like they are the most important people in the world, thus ensuring they come back to utilise our services again.

    We have Great People

    Our people are our business. Working with Cityworks means you will be working with Great People, whom continuously delight our customers and attend to their needs. We help our customers easily see the benefits of working with us. We will go the ‘extra mile’ so that our customers know we are working for them and find the best innovative solutions. We have, and always will, continue to strive to exceed customer’s expectations. We want you, our customers, to really believe that we add value to your business.

    You will get Great Results

    Our work makes a real difference to individuals, businesses and our community. We deliver real results that positively influence and affect individuals, businesses and communities. At the end of the day we will always be judged by our results. We do and will continue to deliver great results for individuals, businesses and communities.

  • Applying for Courses

    You can apply online using this website, alternatively call 01482 308728 and talk to a member of the team. 

  • Additional Information

    We are delighted that you are considering joining us.

    As part of the Cityworks Group, we are committed to developing wider educational opportunities for our diverse community, meeting the needs of employers and learners.

    Cityworks has an impressive record and is recognised within the local area for its quality delivery.

    Our facilities inspire learners to join us from all across the region; our diverse population includes learners of all ages and from many different social and ethnic backgrounds.


How to find us

Head Office

Suite 2, Carmelite House, Posterngate, Hull, HU1 2JT

Delivery Site

27/29 Anlaby Road, Hull, HU1 2PG