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HCUK 14-16 College - Hull

Queens Gardens, Wilberforce Drive, Hull, HU1 3DG

Contact: The 14-16 Team

Telephone: 01482 598892

Website: www.hull-college.ac.uk/14-16

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About us

Thank you for considering the HCUK 14-16 College for the next stage of your educational journey.

The HCUK 14-16 College has a strong vocational ethos and specialises in core GCSE attainment and preparing students for the workplace or further education. We offer a varied curriculum that allows students to select a range of different vocational subjects, broadening their horizons and providing the building blocks for post 16 success. The Hull College Group has a substantial background in working closely with 14-16 students. We created the Energy League in 2011, for those students displaced by the closure of David Lister School, and have a long history of working in partnership with schools from Goole, Hull and the East Riding, providing vocational courses to students, benefitting from our outstanding resources.

The 14-16 College is now in its second year, following on from a hugely successful first year where it received the best possible feedback from its first Ofsted visit.

The HCUK 14-16 College can offer students not only the subjects they wish to study but specialist tutors and superb vocational facilities, as well as working with both local and national employers to ensure our courses are designed for the workplace and meet the highest standards.

Hull College is proud of its facilities and extensive learning provision which has earned it a place amongst the top Further Education colleges in the country with an excellent reputation, both regionally and nationally. The College has Learning and Skills Beacon status and is a member of the 157 Group, a representative body made up of some of the most successful Further Education colleges in the country. It was awarded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas in its 2008 OFSTED inspection and has the Training Quality Standard (TQS) for its outstanding approach to meeting the training needs of employers and 5* recognition by the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM).

We look forward to taking the next steps with you and giving every student the opportunity to succeed.

"The college has used its previous experience in working with students aged 14-16 effectively to devise appropriate courses and environments that enhance the possibilities for them to gain confidence, develop and prosper.  Even at this early stage in the provision, its success in improved students' attitude and attendance is considerable" - Ofsted Monitoring Report, March 2014

  • What Makes Us Different

    Why Choose Us...

    Students making the choice at 14 to begin their journey in the HCUK vocational specialist college will be driven and focused individuals. A mature attitude and dedication to learning is essential to succeed in this advanced environment. The opportunity to study in the 14-16 College is not an alternative for students who refuse to engage or those that put barriers up to learning, but a choice for dedicated students to study a core GCSE curriculum alongside high level and high quality vocational pathways. The College expects huge commitment and will give this back in return to every student to drive achievements, aspirations and celebrate success.

    In exchange for students’ commitment and hard work they will be able to take advantage of the many benefits to studying at Hull College from the age of 14.  These include:

    ·         Smaller class sizes, individual support and interventions

    ·         Smaller year groups with dedicated pastoral mentor

    ·         Enrichment activities with a dedicated team

    ·         Central site for good transport access

    ·         Secured area for 14-16 within the larger College site

    ·         Vocational specific, industry standard training facilities

    ·         Library and resource centres

    ·         Choice of internal food venues

    ·         An extensive network of support systems, including support for attendance, behaviour, social problems and learning difficulties

    ·         Specialist vocational options with industry trained teachers

    ·         Specialist trade equipment to develop skills and professional ability

    ·         Employer links to support our students to secure jobs – in 2013/14, 90% of HCUK students   progressed to jobs or higher level studies*

    ·         Progression routes to Further Education & Higher Education - 94% of last year’s full time 14-16 students studying at HCUK progressed into Further Education or an Apprenticeship 

    *Source: Hull College Group Student Destinations survey 2014


    How it works...

    Core GCSEs

    An academic timetable is a significant part of every student’s studies. Core GCSEs are a mandatory part of mainstream studies and gaining Maths & English will be a priority to provide wider progression options for all students. Other GCSE subjects include Science, History, IT focus, Personal & Social Development, Religious Education and PE.

    Specialist Pathways

    Students will each choose a 2 year specialist subject from a range of pathways which should reflect their long term career aspirations. These subjects are linked to local employment priorities and students will gain a depth of knowledge, skill and expertise. Specialism qualifications will allow for additional project based experiences, such as linking with employers in the industry to gain a fuller understanding of the chosen vocation.

    Further Options

    As part of the College timetable, students will also choose a further option designed to give them the opportunity to test out another area of interest and gain qualifications in that subject. Options are selected from a wide range of subjects and, studied alongside their chosen specialist pathway, will help students develop their future aspirations.

    The range of courses available could include:*


    • Trade Pathway - Construction

    • Technical Pathway - Engineering

    • Care Pathway - Health & Social Care

    • Leisure Pathway - Sport

    • Creative Pathway - Performing Arts



    • Childhood Studies

    • Catering & Hospitality

    • Travel & Tourism

    • Art & Design

    • Business

    • Mechanical Engineering

    (with Motor Vehicle Focus)


    *options are subject to demand


  • Learner Support

    Student Care & Support

    At the HCUK 14-16 College a wide network of support systems is in place to ensure the safety, development and wellbeing of every student. Students are supported in their studies by tutors and learning advisors, behaviour and attendance issues are assessed, monitored and addressed by specialist staff and extra pastoral support is given to students by mentors and the College counsellor, providing students with a confidential ear and a guarantee that their concerns and problems will be taken seriously. Security teams throughout the College also maintain an environment in which students can feel safe and external professionals are regularly brought in to provide extra support where necessary with behavioural, medical or learning issues.


    At Hull College we have two 14-16 Hull College Lead Mentors. The Mentors role is to ensure time at Hull College is not only productive and positive, but also as enjoyable as possible. The mentors will monitor attendance and behaviour to ensure this is on track to fulfil potential as a Hull College Student.

    The Mentors are also here to help with any issues or problems students have whilst studying at Hull College. 

    The Quiet Room

    At Hull College we understand that from time to time studying in a Quiet Room with 1 to 1 support can be beneficial to students. Whether students want some extra 1 to 1 support or simply need 5 minutes to talk to a Learning Mentor, the Quiet Room is always available at the discretion of their subject tutor. If a student is becoming disruptive in a lesson and making it difficult for others to work they will be collected from their lesson and asked to work individually in the Quiet Room until they are in the right frame of mind to return to class.

    Learning Advisors

    In some of your classes in addition to the tutor, students will have help and guidance from Learning Advisors. The Learning Advisors are in the classes to work alongside students and give extra assistance with the tasks that the tutor has set. If students are struggling or unsure about anything in classes, a Learning Advisor is a great person to ask for help, they will work closely with the tutor to make sure students understand and are able to complete their work.


    The 14-16 College hosts daily breakfast clubs, lunch time activities and after school club sessions. The team will also plan trips and visits, competitions and help students develop a social community.

    Security & Welfare

    We have a dedicated Security team who are available to help with any security or welfare concerns students may have. They help us to deal with problems and behavioural issues but are also available for help, advice and support at any time of the day. They are great people to ask for help on a range of issues, such as cyber and verbal bullying, safety at College and lost property. If students are having any problems that our Security team can help with, they can be contacted directly. We also have a Welfare Room located within the 14-16 College. This is a quiet and calm space for one to one discussions if students are upset or have confidential issues to talk over. 

    Student Support and Mentoring

    The HCUK 14-16 College has student support services available to support your son or daughter. Services such as College counsellors could be available to work with your child if requested by them or assessed as a required support. Counselling provides a safe and private space for your child to talk confidentially about their worries or problems. If your child wishes to access counselling services, then they can speak to their learning mentor, or access counselling services directly by phone on 01482 598736 or 01482 313447, text only on 07860 023367 or email listen@hull-college.ac.uk.

    Students can also be signposted and referred to other professionals, including medical or other health professionals outside the College. Please make the HCUK 14-16 College aware if there are any concerns which may affect your child’s behaviour. The HCUK 14-16 College also has a responsibility to contact help from outside agencies if your child is causing concerns of a learning, behavioural or medical nature.

    Students will be assessed for individual learning styles which will help form their one to one support plans and aid ongoing development and students can also undergo dyslexia screening where necessary.

    School Nurse

    The 14-16 students will have access to a dedicated school nurse. The school nurse will meet with students to discuss health issues both in groups and one to one. The school nurse is available to assist students with their health and wellbeing whilst they are studying at College.

    RAPP – Right and Participation Project

    RAPP is a service for children and young people in need or at risk aged between 6 & 21 living in the Hull area. RAPP offers independent advice, support and advocacy to ensure children and young people are listened to in decisions that affect their lives. RAPP is about responding to children and young people’s issues in a child centred way. The RAPP case workers aim to develop effective working relationships with young people and offer positive advice, support and advocacy.

    When you contact RAPP you will be sent a RAPP information pack. RAPP will then follow this up with a letter within one week. The letter is then followed by a telephone call to try and arrange a time to meet with you. You can contact RAPP on 01482-225855 or email info@rapp-hull.co.uk

    Pastoral Entitlement

    All students will have a dedicated tutor and will receive one to one tutorials to discuss progress and any issues they may have, as well as having access to the Mentor team on a daily basis if they have any issues or problems.

    The students may also receive a personal mentor who will meet with them on a regular basis and they will have the opportunity to discuss topics with the Mentor that affect their college life.

    Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)

    The HCUK 14-16 students have access to a detailed and impartial careers advisor. Students are guaranteed a minimum of one meeting with the careers advisor but for those students who more advice, extra sessions are planned.

    There is a detailed annual cycle of events in place throughout years 10 & 11 where students will benefit from a range of activities designed to provide advice and guidance about options post 16, such as presentations from external further education providers, employer engagement fairs, a vocational careers week and talks from Connexions advisors.

  • Applying for Courses

    Applications can be submitted via www.logonmoveon.co.uk or through the 14-16 College directly at http://www.hull-college.ac.uk/14-16/how-to-apply.  Please contact the college by phone or email for further information.  Deadline dates for applications, interviews and confirmation letters is available on the Hull College website under '14-16 College'.

    You can find more information about applying to us by clicking here

  • Activities


    There is a full range of extra-curricular activities available for students to maximise their participation in and out of their timetabled day. There are daily breakfast clubs, lunch time activities and after school club sessions, as well as trips, visits & competitions. Students can also run for election to the post of Student Representative - an important position within the College, where they can join the Student Voice committee and represent their fellow classmates, raising the issues that currently affect the student body and working towards solutions.

    The social committee and ‘after school’ teams are also part of the HCUK 14-16 College focus, encouraging integration into the wider College community.

    Gifted & Talented

    Students are continually recognised and rewarded for their individual talents and group successes and all students are involved in our ‘Stretch & Challenge’ system that encourages students to reach their potential. It is our commitment to students that their talents and skills will be identified and challenged to increase personal development and raise attainment levels.

    Stretch & Challenge

    Academic classes are set according to students’ current attainment levels and potential so that English, Maths and Science groups are able to be stretched and challenged at an appropriate level.

    Enrichment activities such as extra lessons, theatre visits, cultural trips, University days and vocational taster sessions are all provided and individual students are paired with a mentor for regular one to one sessions. All students have minimum expected targets and gold standard targets for attainment and attendance with a range of interventions used to support, stretch and challenge throughout.


How to find us