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Archbishop Sentamu Academy

1 Bilton Grove, Hull, HU9 5YB

Contact: Mrs K Hill

Telephone: 01482 781912

Fax: 01482 784959

Website: www.sentamu.org

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About us

Archbishop Sentamu Academy has a very strong sense of community and a commitment to Christian Values which underpins the life of the Academy community and a holistic view of education which nurtures and encourages, challenges and strengthens all learners.

We are able to offer a supportive culture which enables us to treat our students as individuals.  We do not accept bullying, violence, or putting others down, and have a well founded Behaviour Policy.

We have developed a climate of continuous improvement and every year we see a positive trend of improvements in our examination results. Archbishop Sentamu Academy sets the highest academic standards through the excellence of its teaching.  We work in close partnership with parents so that every student achieves their best and therefore is well prepared to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Making the choice about where to continue your studies after GCSEs is an important decision. We are delighted that Archbishop Sentamu Academy Sixth Form is one of your options at the moment. We hope the information contained in this prospectus will answer some of your questions and help to inform your decision.

The Sixth Form is a small, lively community that prides itself on an inclusive and positive approach to personal development. As well as over 20 academic courses to choose from, there is also a wide variety of enrichment and extra curricular activities with which you can be involved.

We have high expectations of our students and look for prospective students who have good attendance, punctuality and behaviour records and a positive work ethic.

Please do not hesitate to come to speak with us about the Sixth Form. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs Hill and the Sixth Form Team

  • What Makes Us Different

    Archbishop Sentamu Academy is proud of being a Church of England Academy; this gives us a distinctive Christian ethos. However, we welcome all children, regardless of the religious affiliation, who wish to share our values.

    In our Academy all students have the opportunity to deliver their potential, be it academic, sporting or creative. We offer extra support for the more able through our Gifted and Talented Programmes and those experiencing difficulties through Learning Support.

    Students and parents are positive about the school and say they are proud of being members of the ‘Archie’ family.

    16 - 19

    With so many options available at post-16 in Hull and East Yorkshire, why is Archbishop Sentamu Academy a good option?

    - You will have a programme of study that has been developed from your previous courses. These pathways are important for continued success.

    - There is a wide range of subjects from which to choose.

    - You will be taught by teachers who know you and can respond to your particular needs.

    - You will be taught in small groups and will receive personal attention.

    - You will receive lots of help with university and job applications and organising the next step of your career.

    - You will have the opportunity to take part in a range of enrichment projects and activities.

    - You will be part of a lively, friendly community.

  • Learner Support

    All students will sit a variety of tests in Year 7 that will tell us how well they read, how good their mathematical skills are and how well they can think and solve puzzles. These tests add to the information we already know, such as the Key Stage 2 levels, and help us identify the learning needs of all our students.

    Students who have achieved a level 2 in English will study in our Target Group. This group receives an increased level of specialist teaching to enhance their work.

    Students who have achieved a level 3 in English will enjoy studying in small groups for Literacy to give them the opportunity of achieving a level 4.

    Students in Year 7 receive the help of a Learning Mentor who will be able to smooth the transition into Secondary Education for those who find the experience daunting.

    We also have a specialist teaching service available weekly for those pupils who have a specific learning difficulty.

    We place a strong emphasis on pastoral care within the Sixth Form. Each Year 12 student is assigned a form tutor. In addition to tutor time, the form tutor meets individually with each student every half term in a personal interview where academic and personal progress is discussed.

    The Sixth Form team also includes a full time Sixth-Form Learning Mentor. Students can make appointments to discuss any issues that affecting their progress, be this academic, financial or emotional.

    We offer extra support for the more able through our Gifted and Talented Programmes.

  • Applying for Courses

    To apply to ASA Sixth Form, please use the log on move on website: www.logonmoveon.co.uk

    or pick up an application form

    email any enquiries to dixon.a1@sentamuacademy.org

  • Additional Information

    Opportunities for our students to achieve success are many and varied, from the rewards for improved attendance and effort to taking part in creative partnerships, sport, faith to faith events and the superb success in achieving the top award as National Champions of ‘Rock Challenge’. Staff work tirelessly to support students to reach their goals and share their successes with pride.

    We encourage all Year 13 students to consider applying to Higher Education and 75% of our current Year 13 students have opted to go on to degree-level learning. In our present Year 13, students have applied to a variety of institutions including:Hull, York, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and Bradford.

  • Activities

    There are many opportunities for students to involve themselves in activities outside the timetabled lessons. Students are kept in touch with what is on offer through their form tutors. Some of the activities include sports clubs and teams, computer club, art club, homework club in the library and drama activities.

    Locally we visit the theatre, churches and sports centres. Further afield we visit an Italian Ski Resort, go on sporting tours abroad, field studies, trips and arrange visits to Leisure and Theme Parks.

    Visits take place to France and Spain and we have initiated a project with a school in China.

    Some of our students have been given the opportunity to visit Australia to perform our winning ‘Rock Challenge’ routine.

    Sixth Form Activities

    Sixth Form students are encouraged to focus on personal development and a range of activities are available which can help students to develop their skill base.

    Current projects include:

    The Sixth-Form Business Enterprise Scheme- students have set up and run their own Prom Dress and Accessory Company and Tuck Shop, dealing with stock, production, marketing and accounting. This project has helped students to improve organisational and problem-solving skills, leadership and teamwork skills.

    The Peer Mentoring Scheme- students have the option to be trained in counselling techniques and are ‘buddied’ with a younger student in need. The Sixth Formers’ role is to meet each week with the buddy to offer support and guidance with school-work, organisation and relationships. Some students also deliver peer training to younger pupils. We have students who deliver presentations within assemblies on important issues such as racism, HIV awareness and being an active young citizen.

    Classroom Support - Some Sixth Formers also work as classroom assistants and help out in Key Stage 3 lessons, working with small groups of pupils. Others have worked in local Primary Schools as Nursery and Key Stage 1 classroom assistants.

    Work experience– Several courses have a compulsory work placement element. Many students take up the opportunity to spend extended time in the workplace, related to their studies and their career plans. Placements this year have included working in dental surgeries, health visitors, community farms and care homes.

    Students also attended career days at local universities, based on health care, law, engineering, psychology and journalism.

    Special events - Key events planned for this year include The Higher Education Day where Hull University leads workshops on all aspects of university life, from the applications procedure to student finance. At the end of Year 13, students attend a graduation day at Bishopthorpe’s Palace, home of Archbishop Sentamu.

  • Features

     16 - 19 Facilities

    We have two well-equipped study rooms in the 6th Form (4th floor).  Students can access these at any time and study outside of their normal lessons in a quiet, supervised environment.

    Students have their own swipe cards which enable them to exit and enter the building, as well as use the lifts - this is a privilege for Sixth Formers and we expect them to respect and adhere to rules.

    Students can apply for the Student Bursary Fund (£15 pw) - those who don't receive this money will be entitled to Bursary Light, which is paid at the end of term in vouchers.

How to find us