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Woldgate College

92 Kilnwick Road, Pocklington, York, YO42 2LL

Contact: Paul Barrett

Telephone: 01759 302395

Fax: 01759 306535

Website: www.woldgate.net

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About us

Woldgate College, awarded Specialist Arts Status in 2004, is an ambitious, growing and successful 11-18 comprehensive community school. Our five central priorities, which underpin everything we do, are to:

  • Treat all students fairly, equally and with respect and care.
  • Focus on creative teaching and learning approaches across the whole curriculum which respond to individual learning preferences, carry high expectations and promote the concept that learning is a rewarding lifelong commitment.
  • Push all students very hard to their full potential and beyond.
  • Ensure we employ staff of the highest quality.
  • Equip all students for their `next step` and empower them to contribute positively to society.

This larger than average secondary school serves a small market town and a wide rural area. 


  • What Makes Us Different


  • Learner Support

    Woldgate College aims to promote equality of opportunity, excellence and the development of individual potential. We believe that all our students are of equal value and share the same educational rights – irrespective of culture, gender, home situation, and current levels of attainment and disability.

  • Features

    Woldgate College Sports Fields

    Our outdoor facilities include three netball courts, five tennis courts, three grass hockey pitches, four football pitches, an eight lane athletics track and one rugby pitch. The gymnasium and sports hall comprise our indoor facilities, together with use of the main school hall and specialised dance studio. The school’s sports facilities are used by local sports associations, the Youth Centre, the Adult Education Service and our feeder primary schools and are used within the East Riding in-service training programme and coaching schemes.

     Independent Learning Centre

    Woldgate has an Independent Learning Centre, or ILC as it is known in college! 

    The ILC is a light and airy space used as an electronic learning facility for all students in college. There are now around one hundred PC's with state-of-the-art printing available there.
    We have realised our aim of providing every student with access to ICT facilities away from the ICT rooms, allowing them to develop and improve their research and independent learning skills.

How to find us