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Abrasive Wheels Package inc.COSHH

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

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Alternative Title Abrasive Wheels Package inc.COSHH
Code 2059
Qualification Type No Qualification
Qualification Level Not Set
Course type Part Time


An abrasive wheel is anything which rotates using a motor specifically to grind or cut a material. The most common are bench grinders, handheld grinders and sthil saws.


The abrasive wheels' training assesses candidates on their competence in using abrasive wheels. This is not a practical course and there is no substitute for thorough on-site training on specific machinery. The training assesses ability to recognise the correct discs for the correct materials and work, identifying defects in the cutting disc, selecting the right type of machinery for the work to be carried out, correctly fitting the disc to specific machinery and the regulations which cover these items


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