Log On Move On

Welcome to >log on | move on> the online prospectus of education and training opportunities for Hull and the East Riding.

Anyone can access the prospectus at any time, you don’t need a login.

Whether you are looking to Options @ Year 9 or Find a Course at 16 the prospectus will help you by providing information about a wide range of local courses and opportunities. You can search for something specific, compare courses and Find a Provider, and look up Job Profiles so that you can begin to plan your career. There is also lots of useful Information and Advice on how to make the most of this site, applying for Jobs, Apprenticeships, and Volunteering.

When it’s time for you to consider Your Future Choices after Year 11 >log on | move on> will help you to research all the options. In addition your school can provide you with a username and password to Log On so that you can save courses you are interested into your own account wishlist, prepare a single application, and apply on-line for the course(s) you have selected.

You can view some handy screencasts that will show you how to complete your personal profile, add courses to your wishlist and make an Application.